Be yourself and respond..

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Life is all about being ourselves and responding to different situations in our own way. When you respond, it doesn’t matter whether you become a laughing stock or an arrogant before others. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose the situation. It doesn’t matter how others judge you or think about you. It is all about responding to any situation in the right way (the way your mind tell you to do) at the right time (It takes a while to understand when is the right time and which is the right way.). Once you are responded to a particular situation, it is imperative not to overthink about how you responded. The human mind has a tendency to keep on thinking

about how we responded to various situations. This is equally good and bad. It is useful in the sense it can tell you how to react in a better way next time. The bad part is that it can consume your energy and time unnecessarily by keep on thinking about how you responded. I recommend to use your time wisely to analyse the way you responded and once you think that you are finished your analysis, then switch yourself into some other topic forcefully. Of course, your mind will try to resist to change the topic (It is a part of the in-built defence mechanism of our brain that helps us to keep us in a healthy state.), but once your mind gets something new to think, then it will stick on with that new topic.

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