A counter-intuitive fact: Tuning the reality

Reading time: 24 sec
Reality can be tuned! Yes.
How many of you will believe that our everyday world, we see, is a net result of the complex combinations of human thoughts? Stronger we think that something would happen, higher the chance of its manifestation.  So controlling your thoughts can bring incredible events to occur in your life. So, watch out what you think now!
(Note: This is not a scientific statement as no scientific proofs are available yet to back up what I have written. So you may reject or accept it. But most successful people have believes of some sort like this.)

Detachment and eternal happiness

Reading time: 27 sec
Key: Detach from everything and everyone.
This doesn’t mean that you have to lead a solitary life of a saint. You could possess your current personality with an added advantage of eternal happiness. You will never get derailed, disappointed or diverted because of the actions of others. Why? Because you enjoy everything but never get involved in anything; you really don’t care what others think since you are independent and you don’t need any shoulders to stand.
Note: Detachment reveals your real character. This favours you, to be honest in relations and make violent progress in your work because you never expect anything from anyone in return; you just do things.

An evolutionary disadvantage: Few thoughts

Reading time: 2 min 38 sec

   A group of scientists conducted an experiment on fishes to study how physical appearance (colouration) influence their evolution. Briefly speaking, they put the same number of males and females in two aquariums A and B (say, 500 females and 500 males in each container. Number doesn’t matter much). The container A has all coloured fishes, and container B has 500 coloured and 500 uncoloured (Have you ever seen guppy with no colour?) fishes. Then they allowed them for reproduction and continuously evaluated the number of coloured and uncoloured fingerlings (Fish offsprings) for several generations. What they found was this: Container A sustained the population almost the same, and the population in Container B got extinct. Continue reading “An evolutionary disadvantage: Few thoughts”