Not practical? Why?

Reading time: 58 sec

People sometimes say: “No. It’s just not practical. Don’t do it.”

Most of the time, these words can withdraw us from accomplishing great things by inducing the sense of impracticality. One thing these people generally forget is, whatever is “practical” today was not “practical” before. See a few examples:
Gandhi: When the entire world followed the fast and practical violent methods to get freedom, he showed how to get it through peaceful, non-violent, persistent struggle. It was easy for him to think that his techniques would never work practically.

Alan Turing: When he was assigned to crack Enigma, it was an impossible problem for everyone except Germans. But his group tackled this impossible task within a few years and shortened the length of second world war.
Darwin: He explained the theory of evolution when the whole society believed in God. He showed that God is not necessary to set this beautiful nature with a wide variety of species. For him, it was practical to follow the current beliefs. But he chose to do the impractical.
You may say: “These can only be done by great people.” Hold on a second. They were not great, they were people like you until it’s done. The bridge that leads a common man to a great man is the willingness to make mistakes. Also, you must have a bit of courage, faith, curiosity and, finally (and importantly) the ability to show your middle finger to what people, sometimes, say…

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