Productivity vs Creativity: And how do they merge?

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There was always a conflict alive within my thoughts about the concept of productivity and creativity. By default, I never liked the word productivity, since it is a typical multinational cooperate word which is generally used by big bosses to multiply their production efficiency and profit acquirement. So I hated to be productive! Whenever someone says me to be productive, I couldn’t just tolerate. Instead, I wanted to be creative. But then I knew that this requires “discipline” of some sort, which is again seemed to be a close relative of the word “productivity”. Also, I had a vague thought that these two concepts might have some obscure connection. Anyway, I couldn’t do my work for a long time satisfactorily since I failed to figure out the bridge between productivity and creativity. I always ended up with some thought-loops in which I trapped myself pathetically. Basically, I needed to know how productivity and creativity are related so that I could do some work peacefully. This may not make sense to many of you, but .. what to say, that was how I felt then. It took a long time to get some underlying prin Continue reading “Productivity vs Creativity: And how do they merge?”

Actions: Good and Bad

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What are good actions? What are bad actions?

Simple. Good actions are those which you do as a result of any selfless thoughts.

Bad actions are those that come from your ego.

In fact, the action itself is neutral, neither good nor bad. It is our perspective that makes an action good or bad.

cbsPlot: A Matlab standalone application.

CBSPLOT: A Matlab GUI Standalone Application for Windows to Visualize and Analyze Coherent Back Scattering (CBS) data.

This application was developed accidentally. It all just happened because of a request from one of my senior research students. He needed to fit a data curve for his Coherent Backscattering experiment. I wrote a few line code in Matlab which essentially worked well for him, but then I asked him more about the analysis part of the experiment. Then I came to know that the analysis part consumes a heck of a time when we do it manually. So we both decided to extend the code a bit further so that it covers a lot of things other than fitting. After four weeks of coding (and getting a lot more eye-floaters), the final version of the standalone graphical user interface named “cbsPlot” was ready. Now, this user-friendly, 500kb, standalone windows OS application is available. Give it a shot, after all, it’s free…!