Time to be smart: ‘Fact’, ‘Law’, ‘Hypothesis’ and ‘Theory’ in Science.

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I watched a youtube video recently wherein
Dr Zakeer Naik says to a bright medical student that a theory in science will become law/fact after testing and evaluating it using scientific methods over time. I got shocked listening to this nonsense. There is no wonder when a religious person says something like this because the lack of scientific knowledge can lead him to the highest level of misconceptions (I know people who still believe that Earth is the centre of the universe! yes. They exist!). Instead, why I got shocked was because he is educated scientifically and has earned an MBBS degree. It seems that there is a lot of people out there who have confusions about differences between terms such as fact, law, hypothesis, and theory. I believe that at least people who do science should know the differences. Otherwise, a lot of misconceptions will lead them to believe in absurdities. So here we are…

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Overthinking and worries: A few notes

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A few days back, we were planning to go for a movie, and suddenly one of my friends raised her concern, “I am not coming. The road would be fully crowded, I hate it. I can’t handle it.” I exclaimed, “But you have come many times before.” Her reply made me write this post. She replied, “When I am on the road, I will somehow handle it. But when I think about walking through the rush, I really get frustrated. Next time you book my ticket and tell me only just before we go. At least I worry only for a short time. Now I don’t know whether I can sleep tonight, I will be worrying about this all the time till we reach the mall!”

This a good example of over-thinking and related worries. She was worrying about the hectic road. Reason for her concerns seem silly at first, but it can go beyond.

There are other examples such as worrying about the health of our relatives, expecting adverse incidents in life etc. If we see a road accident unexpectedly, we suddenly call our dearest one and make sure he/she is safe. These are all a few examples of worries and over-thinking, which are common in the general population. Continue reading “Overthinking and worries: A few notes”