“Hey life, you take the breath out of me…”

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(Contributed by an anonymous author who doesn’t want to reveal his identity.)

Dear friend,
That moment of bliss when you become one with your surroundings, you lose even the tiniest bit of importance in the grand scheme of things. Your existence no longer matters when you learn the answer to the eternal question, ” Why is there something rather than nothing”. You realize there is nothing but dance to the rhythm of the most beautiful symphony embodying love. You become the ultimate romantic in a world where the rules of cause and effect don’t hold. You will sense the transcending beauty in the innate randomness of the spontaneous events occurring all around you.

I guess this is where I become realistic and get to the point. I have never experienced any of these life-changing blissful moments. This is the image that my unimaginative, dull conscious brain conjured up while trying to think of a possible alternative reality that could give substance to our existence. Look around you and sense the beauty in everything from the raindrop dripping along with the window grill to something as intangible as human emotions and I don’t think you can come up with a worse image that can portray our reality.

Many religious texts have provided much better portrayals of the eternal bliss in which you will be bestowed with wings, harps, a hell of a lot of virgins and what not. Alas, I wish I could come up with something as vibrant and imaginative as this. But the problem with the conscious brain is that it has an irritatingly efficient filtering mechanism that will not let you be happy with these enchanting eternal life after death scenarios. Our brain’s filtering mechanism works based on a set of beliefs deeply ingrained into our subconscious. For instance, I believe our ability to empathize with someone stems from our decisions (or free will as some people would like to call it) as much as it does from a natural physiological origin. So, any versions of reality in which your brain’s anatomy governs your love and compassion towards your fellow beings don’t go well with me. In fact, I can’t believe in any sort of reality in which my existence is given undue significance.

So, here is me hoping you and me will one day be able to appreciate this breathtakingly beautiful life in its all glory. If I live to take the next breath, I assure you, I will tell you about it in even more detail.

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