23 things from my diary

I keep a personal digital diary writing my thoughts and feelings from time to time. I frequently look back to them and reconnect to my own words and feelings to make lasting impressions. Filling up with the lessons learned from my mistakes, blunders and stupidities, now my notebook needs an update for more bytes. Before buying more space, I thought it would be fun to share a few thoughts from my notebook with you.

  1. Convince yourself first: The best way to convince others is to convince yourselves first.
  2. Present indirectly: To do the right things by protecting ourselves and others, sometimes we have to talk to people indirectly. Unfortunately some people are not mature enough to hear the truth straight.
  3. Say NO: Say no to relatives who laugh at your dreams, say no to your friends who invite you to gossip over a coffee, say no to a co-worker who demotivates you.
  4. Not every relationship is worth having: Like any other institution, family or friendship will fall apart if members are incomprehensible to understand each other. Even the famous Paulo Coelo had been locked in a mental asylum by his parents.
  5. Stop discussions with stupids: Stupids can exhaust you quickly when you have conversations with them. It could be your friends, siblings, parents, spouse, relatives or teachers. It’s hard to acknowledge your loved ones as stupids even if they really are. At least minimize interactions with them.
  6. Okay-things: It’s okay to cry in front of people, share things with your best buddies, show love to your loved ones, and it’s perfectly OK to give a slap onto stupid ones.
  7. Have a worry-time: Set a worry-time period every day. Worry about your disturbing things only during this window. Save your all-day worries for your worry-time.
  8. Don’t teach: The most life-changing concepts can’t be taught; they can only be learned. A good teacher’s only job is to provide students with an environment to learn things by themselves.
  9. Be empathetic, but don’t bear the pain of others: Bearing the pain of others can eventually break you as well as others around you. You can be content and empathetic at the same time.
  10. The other side of fear is freedom. So run into your fears.
  11. Maturity is to understand that you are not responsible for the thoughts or actions of others.
  12. Never give anything to anyone for free. If you do, people will not find value in what you give. More importantly, you will create a bunch of stupids who believe that getting everything for free is their right.
  13. Never try to control what is uncontrollable. Failures in the economy, natural disasters, accidents and deaths are not in your hands.
  14. It’s essential to have plans. But be flexible and ready to alter or even abandon them in future, when needed.
  15. You can’t make everyone happy. That’s not your life goal. Accept it and move on.
  16. Past is an excellent place to visit but a worst place to live.
  17. Some people can’t be changed even if you want them to. Wish them good luck, and move forward with your life.
  18. Playfulness is a choice: You can choose to play in both life and death.
  19. It’s essential to have a belief system but choose anything other than a religion. Just because a belief system works for you doesn’t mean that it works for others. Always keep your beliefs within you.
  20. It’s okay to forgive yourself as long as you don’t repeat your mistakes.
  21. Nothing is more fulfilling than living at this moment. Anyone who gets this flavour of living, at least once, will be entirely different for the rest of his life.
  22. The effective way to convince people about something, is to demonstrate it in your own life.
  23. Don’t take pride in the ‘gifts’ given to you. Rather be proud of the ‘gifts’ that you create for yourselves.

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One thought on “23 things from my diary

  1. Superb dear.. ur thoughts are amazing.. would love to read this everyday to keep me positive in my difficult times👍👍great


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