An evolutionary disadvantage: Few thoughts

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   A group of scientists conducted an experiment on fishes to study how physical appearance (colouration) influence their evolution. Briefly speaking, they put the same number of males and females in two aquariums A and B (say, 500 females and 500 males in each container. Number doesn’t matter much). The container A has all coloured fishes, and container B has 500 coloured and 500 uncoloured (Have you ever seen guppy with no colour?) fishes. Then they allowed them for reproduction and continuously evaluated the number of coloured and uncoloured fingerlings (Fish offsprings) for several generations. What they found was this: Container A sustained the population almost the same, and the population in Container B got extinct. Continue reading “An evolutionary disadvantage: Few thoughts”

Why These Ridiculous Academic Examinations ?

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Whenever there is a situation where a person has no fear of making mistakes, then he will do his best. In an examination/viva hall generally, people will have a fear of making mistakes due to obvious reasons (They may get low grades for their poor performance.  And society demotivates people with low grades). So why these teachers/professors are expecting students to do their best in such situations? In other words, since students can’t express their full potential in examinations, why do we even need such systems?

Be yourself and respond..

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Life is all about being ourselves and responding to different situations in our own way. When you respond, it doesn’t matter whether you become a laughing stock or an arrogant before others. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose the situation. It doesn’t matter how others judge you or think about you. It is all about responding to any situation in the right way (the way your mind tell you to do) at the right time (It takes a while to understand when is the right time and which is the right way.). Once you are responded to a particular situation, it is imperative not to overthink about how you responded. The human mind has a tendency to keep on thinking Continue reading “Be yourself and respond..”