Aspects of mind

Rational aspect of mind never creates anything; it only deduces from something which is already being created.

It takes the irrational aspect (imagination) of the mind to create something new from nowhere!

Actions: Good and Bad

Reading time: 12 sec

What are good actions? What are bad actions?

Simple. Good actions are those which you do as a result of any selfless thoughts.

Bad actions are those that come from your ego.

In fact, the action itself is neutral, neither good nor bad. It is our perspective that makes an action good or bad.

A counter-intuitive fact: Tuning the reality

Reading time: 24 sec
Reality can be tuned! Yes.
How many of you will believe that our everyday world, we see, is a net result of the complex combinations of human thoughts? Stronger we think that something would happen, higher the chance of its manifestation.  So controlling your thoughts can bring incredible events to occur in your life. So, watch out what you think now!
(Note: This is not a scientific statement as no scientific proofs are available yet to back up what I have written. So you may reject or accept it. But most successful people have believes of some sort like this.)

Talent and Skill

Everyone is talented but not skilled. Different people have different abilities at different levels. Since many of us are not skilled, we underestimate ourselves as dumps. We think we are not fit for the job, disregarding the fact that it is all about the lack of skills, not the talent. Since any skill can be learned, it is a matter of investing time to learn them. It takes hours and hours and hours of practice to be skilled. Our talent shines once we learn the right skills.

I am responsible for my depression.

If you are depressed, never try to find out why you are depressed, instead, try to find out why did you choose to interpret the situation that led you to the depression. It is never the situation, but always the interpretation, which is responsible for the depression. So try to interpret it from a different angle to lift up your mind. It works!