23 things from my diary

I keep a personal digital diary writing my thoughts and feelings from time to time. I frequently look back to them and reconnect to my own words and feelings to make lasting impressions. Filling up with the lessons learned from my mistakes, blunders and stupidities, now my notebook needs an update for more bytes. Before buying more space, I thought it would be fun to … Continue reading 23 things from my diary

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3 stupid limiting beliefs that keep poor people poorer

Who wants to be poor? No one, that’s not a life-goal at all. Everyone wants to be rich, not for the money itself but for the things money can buy. Many people wish to lead a great life, travel freely, have unrestricted buying power, enjoy with people, etc. But irrespective of what these people wish, most of them remain in the pit of poverty or … Continue reading 3 stupid limiting beliefs that keep poor people poorer

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15 things that tell you who is your real friend and who is not!

Reading time: 4 min 4 sec Being a social being, we all do know many people; people from different places, cultures, social classes, so on and so forth. Depends on the type of people, we all share different relations with them; some are friends, some are acquaintances, some are colleagues, some are family, some are just unknowns, and the list goes on depending on how … Continue reading 15 things that tell you who is your real friend and who is not!

“Hey life, you take the breath out of me…”

Reading time: 1 min 42 sec (Contributed by an anonymous author who doesn’t want to reveal his identity.) Dear friend,That moment of bliss when you become one with your surroundings, you lose even the tiniest bit of importance in the grand scheme of things. Your existence no longer matters when you learn the answer to the eternal question, ” Why is there something rather than … Continue reading “Hey life, you take the breath out of me…”

Not practical? Why?

Reading time: 58 sec

People sometimes say: “No. It’s just not practical. Don’t do it.”

Most of the time, these words can withdraw us from accomplishing great things by inducing the sense of impracticality. One thing these people generally forget is, whatever is “practical” today was not “practical” before. See a few examples:
Gandhi: When the entire world followed the fast and practical violent methods to get freedom, he showed how to get it through peaceful, non-violent, persistent struggle. It was easy for him to think that his techniques would never work practically.

Detachment and eternal happiness

Reading time: 27 sec Key: Detach from everything and everyone. This doesn’t mean that you have to lead a solitary life of a saint. You could possess your current personality with an added advantage of eternal happiness. You will never get derailed, disappointed or diverted because of the actions of others. Why? Because you enjoy everything but never get involved in anything; you really don’t … Continue reading Detachment and eternal happiness