Why These Ridiculous Academic Examinations ?

Reading time: 40 sec
Whenever there is a situation where a person has no fear of making mistakes, then he will do his best. In an examination/viva hall generally, people will have a fear of making mistakes due to obvious reasons (They may get low grades for their poor performance.  And society demotivates people with low grades). So why these teachers/professors are expecting students to do their best in such situations? In other words, since students can’t express their full potential in examinations, why do we even need such systems?

PS. The only way to lead a satisfying life is to do what you like. And keep on doing it. If you take world history, the people who changed the human race are the ones who did what they wanted irrespective of what their “teachers” said. By the way, I personally hate exams. Because, in due course of time, I think that we will have generations of idiots who know how to tackle the problem but doesn’t know how to “feel” the problem.

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