cbsPlot: A Matlab standalone application.

CBSPLOT: A Matlab GUI Standalone Application for Windows to Visualize and Analyze Coherent Back Scattering (CBS) data.

This application was developed accidentally. It all just happened because of a request from one of my senior research students. He needed to fit a data curve for his Coherent Backscattering experiment. I wrote a few line code in Matlab which essentially worked well for him, but then I asked him more about the analysis part of the experiment. Then I came to know that the analysis part consumes a heck of a time when we do it manually. So we both decided to extend the code a bit further so that it covers a lot of things other than fitting. After four weeks of coding (and getting a lot more eye-floaters), the final version of the standalone graphical user interface named “cbsPlot” was ready. Now, this user-friendly, 500kb, standalone windows OS application is available. Give it a shot, after all, it’s free…!

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