3 stupid limiting beliefs that keep poor people poorer

Who wants to be poor? No one, that’s not a life-goal at all. Everyone wants to be rich, not for the money itself but for the things money can buy. Many people wish to lead a great life, travel freely, have unrestricted buying power, enjoy with people, etc. But irrespective of what these people wish, most of them remain in the pit of poverty or mediocrity. Why? Because most people wish to get rich without really understanding what’s holding them back. And what’s truly holding them back is their own limiting beliefs about money that they are taught from their very childhood. Without rewriting these limiting thoughts in their mind, it’s almost impossible to have a lasting-rich life. Here, we are going to see three such common limiting beliefs that keep poor people from getting rich.

  1. Money can’t buy happiness: This is probably the most popular saying that every one of us might have heard, irrespective of the part of the world you are from. It’s the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. The reality is money can buy true freedom; freedom to choose and change things, freedom from being a slave to your boss, freedom to chase your crazy dreams, freedom to help, freedom to reach where you want to be, freedom to take care of yourself and your loved ones, freedom to create opportunities for others and many more. And more importantly, happiness is the natural outcome of such freedom. So, if properly managed, money can indeed buy happiness. Let me ask you, can you offer lunch to someone on the street, if you can’t afford your own lunch? The point is that the moment you start to believe money can’t buy happiness, you have already lost the game. If you still think money can’t buy happiness, can poverty?

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Okay, let’s continue,

2. Rich people are crooked, poor are honest: I have seen some people, and when they see a rich guy, the first thing that comes to their mind instinctively goes something like this, “oh, God, I am sure that he became so rich through smuggling or doing something illegal!” These people believe that the only way to become enormously rich is to do something fraudulent. If you too believe this way, you are terribly mistaken, and it’s time to correct it. Because this very belief can subconsciously resist you from earning more money. Not every rich man on this planet is corrupted. You can see roughly an equal number of crooked people in both poor and rich sections of the society. It’s similar to saying that science is responsible for Hiroshima. It’s never science, but it’s the people who worked behind. It’s always just people!

3. It’s okay to grab money from the rich and give it to the poor: Many people love the heroic outlaw Robinhood who stole money from the rich and gave it to the poor. People love this character because they think poverty can be eradicated by distributing all the money equally among everyone. I have personally heard many people advocating in favour of this. At first, it seems logical. But in fact, they don’t really see the real reason for poverty, and the real reason is that it’s not the lack of money that keeps the poor people from getting rich, but it’s their poor money-management skills that actually keep them in poverty. I had a neighbour who won 1 million in lotteries, just to lose all of it within a year. Lack of proper financial education is the key here. But, please don’t take me wrong because I never meant that every poor or middle-class guy has terrible money-management skills. My point is that it doesn’t matter what your current state is, with better financial skills, anyone can be rich. But if you think that it’s okay to grab money from the rich and give it to the poor, you might not even think of having a lot of money, because who likes to get stolen?

Hope you have enjoyed reading this! Comments below pls 🙂

Happy Reading!

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