“What’s the meaning of life?”: Probably the most stupid question of all

Let me boldly but eloquently say, “Life itself has no inherent meaning at all”. Don’t worry, there is nothing to frightened of or dejected about!

Life evolved from a simple to a complex form through the process called evolution by natural selection. At some point, a specific species spontaneously became aware of its own existence, yes that’s us, humans. Rather than a miracle, I feel that self-consciousness could be an innate quality of the universe in the sense that self-consciousness should be attained if a certain degree of complexity is developed for any species under certain conditions (just my hypothesis). Whether you agree or not, ever since then, man’s (woman’s too, and everyone else’s too) search for the meaning of life became so popular and considered as an important must-answered question because we humans felt so lonely and afraid in this strange world. So, no wonder why this question has been trying to be answered in different ways from different cultural and socio-political scenarios. Even now, we are desperately trying to find an answer to this question because we want to establish some importance to ourselves in this infinite universe, and so, anyone with an inquisitive mind would naturally ask. “Why was I born? What’s the purpose of life?”

But, to me, this is the wrong question. Just like questions such as, “What’s the colour of my thought?”, “What’s the smell of my mind?”

Absolutely speaking, we don’t have any special place in the universe as we are on a tiny indistinguishable blue dot in this vast cosmic arena. So, asking for the true meaning of life is absurd. Some people find it disappointing as they need some sort of drive to navigate through their lives. But I find this absolute meaninglessness so satisfying. Because rather than having a pre-defined unaltered meaning, now we can decide or assign our own meaning to our lives. Liberating isn’t it? We have all the authority to choose or change the meaning of our lives at any time. So, asking for the absolute meaning of human life is a wrong question, and under any circumstance, you should never listen to anyone else for an answer. The right question (for those who want a question) is ‘what’s the meaning I can create for my life?’

In this context, I quote Feynmann, “You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. Fall in love with some activity and do it! Nobody ever figures out what life is all about and it doesn’t matter.”

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