“Don’t believe everything you think” by Joseph Nguyen

“Never read books to finish, read them to understand and implement”


Theme: This book has succeeded in unveiling the true nature and root cause of human suffering such as anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem and other afflictions, no matter how bad your situation is. The suggested solution seems counterintuitive at first but really works without any popular motivation and willpower techniques. Contrary to the widespread approach of remembering and reciting positive quotes and trying to feel excited, this book addresses the underlying cause and its solution to the suffering of the human mind from a psychological and practical perspective. The chapters are well-organised to walk through the concepts in a step by step manner.

Impression: Counterintuitive approach but truly a masterwork that laid the foundation for similar book in the future.

Review: This book starts with a bold statement that goes something like “this book will help you to find everything you’ve been searching for and the answers to all the questions you’ve had your entire life!” This sounds very unrealistic at first from a common man’s perspective. And, it is because we have never been even thinking of a single answer or approach to all of our doubts, confusions, instability, uncertainties and other miseries in life. But when you turn the pages over, you will probably get astonished by the solution the author has to say. Although the solution is actually been around for hundreds of years, the author has reframed it to fit into the current social scenarios keeping the modern man in mind. As a bonus, this book also provides a practical guide to implementing this solution and sustaining it over a lifetime. It’s a must-read book at least once in your life.

You can find the Kindle edition here.

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