On the uncertainty of explanations: Religion vs Science

  Reading time: 1 min 24 sec     Once my friend, who is a believer of a set of religious rules, said “I don’t believe in science because it says something now and it says something else later. It’s so uncertain.”   I replied “Hold on a second. So you believe in statements which never change? Good… And do you even bother to think … Continue reading On the uncertainty of explanations: Religion vs Science

Productivity vs Creativity: And how do they merge?

Reading time: 4 min 22 sec. There was always a conflict alive within my thoughts about the concept of productivity and creativity. By default, I never liked the word productivity, since it is a typical multinational cooperate word which is generally used by big bosses to multiply their production efficiency and profit acquirement. So I hated to be productive! Whenever someone says me to be … Continue reading Productivity vs Creativity: And how do they merge?

cbsPlot: A Matlab standalone application.

CBSPLOT: A Matlab GUI Standalone Application for Windows to Visualize and Analyze Coherent Back Scattering (CBS) data. This application was developed accidentally. It all just happened because of a request from one of my senior research students. He needed to fit a data curve for his Coherent Backscattering experiment. I wrote a few line code in Matlab which essentially worked well for him, but then … Continue reading cbsPlot: A Matlab standalone application.

Not practical? Why?

Reading time: 58 sec

People sometimes say: “No. It’s just not practical. Don’t do it.”

Most of the time, these words can withdraw us from accomplishing great things by inducing the sense of impracticality. One thing these people generally forget is, whatever is “practical” today was not “practical” before. See a few examples:
Gandhi: When the entire world followed the fast and practical violent methods to get freedom, he showed how to get it through peaceful, non-violent, persistent struggle. It was easy for him to think that his techniques would never work practically.

Detachment and eternal happiness

Reading time: 27 sec Key: Detach from everything and everyone. This doesn’t mean that you have to lead a solitary life of a saint. You could possess your current personality with an added advantage of eternal happiness. You will never get derailed, disappointed or diverted because of the actions of others. Why? Because you enjoy everything but never get involved in anything; you really don’t … Continue reading Detachment and eternal happiness

An evolutionary disadvantage: Few thoughts

Reading time: 2 min 38 sec

   A group of scientists conducted an experiment on fishes to study how physical appearance (colouration) influence their evolution. Briefly speaking, they put the same number of males and females in two aquariums A and B (say, 500 females and 500 males in each container. Number doesn’t matter much). The container A has all coloured fishes, and container B has 500 coloured and 500 uncoloured (Have you ever seen guppy with no colour?) fishes. Then they allowed them for reproduction and continuously evaluated the number of coloured and uncoloured fingerlings (Fish offsprings) for several generations. What they found was this: Container A sustained the population almost the same, and the population in Container B got extinct. Continue reading “An evolutionary disadvantage: Few thoughts”